IV Sedation Dentist- Orlando Florida

I am John Markham. I am a day trader and I also am an entertainment design coordinator and producer. I found the Dentist Studio through a recommendation of another dentist. I’ve made a career of…

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Fearful Dental Patient Helped With Sedation Dentistry – Orlando Sedation Dentistry

My name is Katie Sewell and I live in the Forest City area in Orlando and I go to the Dentist Studio. I just was always scared of the dentist and I had one incident…

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Sleep Apnea Success Story-Dental Sleep Apnea Appliance Orlando

My name is Michael and I’m in the medical device industry. I actually live in Lakeland, Florida. My travel has me doing about 250 nights a year around the world. I’ve been going to the…

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Orlando Sedation Dentist, Dr. Zach Hodgins, Talks About Sedation Dentistry On Fox News

Calming your fears of the dentist: Bob Frier: Imagine it. Here we go. All your dentistry fears— Sonni Abatta: I’m waiting” Bob Frier: You’re waiting. All the pain, all of it zapped away. Sonni…

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What Does Your Smile Say About You?

Like it or not, we are constantly judged on our appearance. And not surprisingly, many people say that it is a person’s smile that reveals much about their personality. So, what is your smile telling…

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Dr. Hodgins Discusses Mercury Fillings On Fox 35 News Orlando

Heidi Hatch: …for you this morning. It’s concerning your dental health. Do you have a mercury filling, maybe more than 1? I know I’ve got one. There’s many concern right now this morning over whether…

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Dr. Zach Hodgins named “Best Dentist In Central Florida” By Orlando Business Journal

The Orlando Business Journal named Dr. Zach Hodgins “Best Dentist In Central Florida” in their annual Reader’s Choice Awards. The Orlando Business Journal is a newspaper in Orlando, Florida that covers business news, news events…

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What Are The Alternatives To Root Canal Therapy-Orlando, FL Dentist

When the inner layer of the tooth, also known as the pulp, becomes infected, your treatment choices are limited. Options include the following: tooth extraction, delaying treatment, or root canal treatment. I will outline these…

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What is a root canal and how can it help me with my toothache? – Toothache Dentist Orlando, FL

Root canal therapy has really developed a reputation as being one of the most feared procedures in all of dentistry. Just the mere mention of the word ” Root canal ” conjures up visions of…

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Kelly Pittman Wins The 2010 Ms. US Globe Pageant!!!!

Congratulations to our patient Kelly Pittman for winning the 2010 Ms. US Globe Pageant!

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