IV Sedation Dentist- Orlando Florida

I am John Markham. I am a day trader and I also am an entertainment design coordinator and producer. I found the Dentist Studio through a recommendation of another dentist. I’ve made a career of not going to the dentist. Because I traveled all over the world for quite a while, it was easy for me to avoid going and I didn’t for 25 years. It was obvious that I needed help between pain and just knowing of 25 years of abuse. The whole idea of going to the dentist is like eh to me. I felt I needed sedation so he was recommended. I went to him, their staff is unbelievably friendly. He is unbelievably friendly. Not only friendly and an expert, but he’s also, how do I put this, the guy is willing to work with you in any capacity and I needed sedation for the first go around. I can put it all together in this, if I was a spy, all they would have to do is come in to the room their holding me, start a dentist drill and I would say okay the President is down the hall, to the right, the money is down to the left. I’m deathly afraid of dentists and he made it extremely comfortable, went above and beyond to a point where when I thought I might be ready to not take sedation and my wallet was possibly suggesting that I not take sedation, he said we will work that out. We will take care of this. We feel it’s the most comfortable thing for you and we want you to be comfortable. So he, his staff, the whole operation, I can’t speak highly enough of them. I was really, really nervous. They suggested maybe some nitrous I believe to call me down before they went through the sedation. It was so good, I barely remember but fundamentally it’s an IV and you’re like ‘poof’, you go to sleep. Everything was done and he took care of quite a bit of work because as I said it was 25 years of neglect and he was able to streamline all of that in a single visit and in doing so while I came out of it by wife helped me out to the car. I went home, took a nap, end a story. It was all done. It made it so comfortable that I could go back even though I the first couple visits after that were still like ‘eh’. The girls know you by name. At this point, I can go comfortably. I feel more confident. I was having nightmares. I’d wake up from knowing that I hadn’t been to the dentist and maybe there was some kind of pain that was going on that would wake me up but it was not only in my conscious mind but obviously my subconscious mind. It obviously was bothering me. I feel great that I now know that I’m up-to-date, things are good. I can chew corn and all that stuff. You feel embarrassed to be that afraid of something. I’ve done productions for the King of Belgium and the Sultan of Oman and I did President Reagan’s inaugural and that stuff is like water off a duck’s back. I’ve been doing that stuff my whole life so I felt like silly and foolish to be afraid of going to the dentist when I’m done these shows for hundreds and thousands of people and all of this stuff. You would think there might be some fear associated with that but I guess it’s what you’re used to and I wasn’t used to going to the dentist and that’s where Dr. Hodgins and his staff made it unbelievably comfortable to go through the process. I consider him a person that is not only good at what he does but, we don’t go out to dinner, but I would call him and his staff friends.