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Tooth pain care is available 24/7. Call Anytime!

If you have a nagging pain in a tooth, it’s best to take care of it as soon as possible. If left untreated, it will likely get worse and may require more invasive therapy. Fortunately, patients of Orlando toothache dentist, Dr. Zach Hodgins can call any time for a toothache.

Hopefully you won’t need this service, but if you need do, Dr. Zach Hodgins is happy to serve as your Winter Park toothache dentist, who can help you feel better.

If you are experiencing a sharp or centralized pain in a specific tooth and it’s during our regular business hours, call the office and we will fit you into our schedule. During off hours, if you are a patient of record for toothache dentist in Winter Park, Dr. Hodgins will open the office to provide you relief. Just call the office line and the dispatcher will take your information and relay it to Dr. Hodgins.

It isn’t every day you find a toothache dentist in Orlando or Winter Park willing to work seven days a week to keep his patients healthy and happy. Dr. Hodgins is honored to be your dentist, so he will do whatever it takes to serve you with the highest quality care and genuine, small town service. Trusting your teeth and smile to Dr. Hodgins is a move that benefits your entire health and happiness.

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