What is a root canal and how can it help me with my toothache? – Toothache Dentist Orlando, FL

Root canal therapy has really developed a reputation as being one of the most feared procedures in all of dentistry. Just the mere mention of the word ” Root canal ” conjures up visions of pain and terror. The good news is that things have changed dramatically over the years, and root canals have become pain free for the most part. Most patients may only feel a small pinch when the anesthetic is delivered. The procedure itself is used to remove the infected nerve and blood vessels from a tooth that is causing a toothache or infection. After the anesthetic has been administered, the tooth is isolated with a barrier called a rubber dam. The rubber dam is utilized to protect the patient from swallowing any of the materials used when completing a root canal. After isolation, access to the tooth and infection is completed and the infection is removed. Finally the tooth is sealed with an antimicrobial sealer and warm gutta percha, a rubberized material that seals the root canal system.
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