Orlando Sedation Dentist, Dr. Zach Hodgins, Talks About Sedation Dentistry On Fox News

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Bob Frier: Imagine it. Here we go. All your dentistry fears—
Sonni Abatta: I’m waiting”
Bob Frier: You’re waiting. All the pain, all of it zapped away.
Sonni Abatta: Yes. A lot of people get stressed–
Bob Frier: They do.
Sonni Abatta: When the visit the dentist. This is an option, though, is called sedation dentistry and it could be for you, just what the doctor ordered. Talitha Vickers reports only on FOX.
Dr. Zach Hodgins: The beauty of it is they’re totally comfortable. They usually have their eyes closed, completely relaxed.
Talitha Vickers: Relaxed and comfortable at the dentist office is typically not the way most patients feel when sitting in the chair, but Dr. Zach Hodgins of the Dentist Studio in Winter Park says, conscious sedation can get to the root of your fears.
Dr. Zach Hodgins: I’m able to help people that, who otherwise would have not come in that office, have the procedures done.”
Talitha Vickers: Although there are different levels of sedation, Dr. Hodgins commonly uses conscious sedation through an IV.
Dr. Zach Hodgins: The medication is delivered and the patient is in a very relaxed state. They can still respond to commands, for instance, if we wanted them to open up their mouth wider, they can still do that. But they’re still extremely relaxed.
Talitha Vickers: Patients are also able to breathe on their own and doctors say they can accomplish more.
Dr. Zach Hodgins: We can do multiple procedures at the same time, basically combining multiple appointments into one appointment. It can be used from the simple cleaning to crowns and implant surgery. Really, it can run the whole, full gamut.
Talitha Vickers: Do you see any cons to it at all because some people might say, “Oh, my goodness! I’m going under just to get a cleaning!”
Dr. Zach Hodgins: I think, I really don’t. I think that once you get over that initial fear of being under anesthesia, there’s really nothing I can say that would really be a con for the procedure.
Talitha Vickers: So, you may want to think twice before putting off your next visit because some doctors say it could be pain free with sedation dentistry.
Dr. Zach Hodgins: It’s very rewarding for me and it’s the type of patient that I enjoy working on the best because they’re so thankful. You’re able to restore confidence in the dental procedure, the dental profession, basically, that they were so fearful of before.
Talitha Vickers: Talitha Vickers. FOX 35 News.
Sonni Abatta: All right. One final note here, your dentist has to certified to perform sedation dentistry and most insurance companies will likely cover the cost.