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Orlando Tooth Extractions

If you are experiencing acute tooth pain, see your dentist right away. Dr. Zach Hodgins provides excellence for dental services such as tooth extractions to Orlando area and Winter Park patients.

Dr. Hodgins believes in a comfortable dental experience. His extraordinary training in sedation dentistry can help him ensure your comfort. No matter what, he can evaluate the cause of your pain and discuss your options with you. If your treatment does call for a tooth extraction, Orlando area Dr. Hodgins wants you to understand it will be performed with the utmost care.

Your long-term health is very important in determining your best treatment. You can look forward to relief from a damaged or abscessed tooth, and rest assured that you can count on the skills and gentle treatment of Dr. Hodgins to fully repair your smile. After tooth loss, it is advantageous for many reasons to get a restorative treatment, such as a dental implant, that will keep your other teeth in place and preserve the jaw bone.

After tooth loss, the following can occur:

  • Remaining teeth can shift
  • Bone density recedes
  • Bite integrity diminishes
  • Your smile may embarrass you

The only way to know your best options are to work closely with a skilled dentist in Winter Park or Orlando, for tooth extractions and follow-up restorations. Dr. Hodgins can provide comprehensive dental treatment that will revitalize your smile and health.

"One of the best aspects in dentistry is my relationship with each of the guests who comes to us for Orlando dental care. It’s truly rewarding to help them achieve a healthy, beautiful smile and raise their self-esteem.

As a certified Sedation Dentist, I really enjoy helping people to accomplish the treatment they need in a relaxed and comfortable setting, without the anxiety of the past. Today people are living longer, so it’s essential that their dentistry not only looks natural but also that their teeth function as their best."
Dr. Hodgins
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