What Are The Alternatives To Root Canal Therapy-Orlando, FL Dentist

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When the inner layer of the tooth, also known as the pulp, becomes infected, your treatment choices are limited. Options include the following: tooth extraction, delaying treatment, or root canal treatment. I will outline these choices below.

Tooth extraction is by far the least expensive and fastest way to treat an infected tooth. It is less expensive in the short term, because if you want to replace the missing tooth with an implant and crown or a bridge, you will most likely pay far more than it would cost to treat the tooth with a root canal and a crown. Also, if that space where the tooth once stood is left unrestored, the teeth adjacent to the space can shift, causing tooth wear, periodontal disease, loss of the tooth, and even loss of the opposing tooth.

Delaying treatment is another option, however, not the best option by any means. If you choose to delay treatment The infection could spread through the tooth into the surrounding bone and soft tissue, and the pain can become unbearable. Also the infection could spread throughout the body and could become life threatening.

Root canal treatment is an excellent treatment option for the treatment of an infected tooth. With today’s no techniques and anesthesia, root canal therapy can be a quick and painless way to take care of a toothache and relieve an infected tooth.

Dr. Zach Hodgins has helped thousands of patients seeking relief from their tooth pain. Dr. Hodgins offers root canal therapy, as well as tooth extraction to help those that have tooth pain and infection. Dr. Hodgins is one of a very small group of dentists nationwide that offers IV sedation to those that are nervous about their dental treatment. With sedation dentistry many procedures can be completed in one visit while the patient is extremely relaxed and comfortable. Afterward there is little to no memory of the visit.

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