Dentures- Now More Life-Like than Ever!

"The population of the world is living longer lives, in many cases without teeth! Because of this, it's essential that we provide tooth replacement that looks natural and functions well."

-Orlando dentures expert, Dr. Zachary Hodgins

Many of our patients come to us as denture wearers already or those who prefer to use dentures as a solution for missing teeth. New materials and construction techniques now make these prosthetic devices more realistic, durable and life-like than ever before!

Expert Winter Park and Orlando dentures dentist Dr. Hodgins will start with what you are envisioning as your perfect smile. Many of our patients bring in photos of themselves when they were younger and their smile still intact, or pictures from magazines of smiles they would like to copy.

TMJ (temporomandibular joint) technology is used by Dr. Hodgins to find the optimal bite position. This ensures the proper, comfortable function of your dentures and can even help rejuvenate your facial aesthetics by giving them the proper support. You'll look and feel younger!

Creating The Best Fitting, Great Looking Dentures In Orlando

Exacting dentist Dr. Hodgins uses one of the most talented labs in the country to fabricate the dentures for his patients; true artists, who can replicate perfectly your naturally beautiful smile! Their work is so precise and consistent that minimal adjustments are required when fitting your new smile.

Implants to Boost Your Confidence

Implants are also a really great option for denture wearers. Implants can be used by a dentist to anchor your dentures, stopping those embarrassing problems caused by denture slippage when eating, laughing or talking. This added stability makes it possible to once again eat the foods you love with real confidence!

The latest technologies make dentures a comfortable and natural-looking dental solution for many of patients. Is this the solution for you? Call the office of an expert in Winter Park and Orlando dentures, Dr. Hodgins, to learn more about this option.

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