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Enjoy a Pain Free Life!

"I enjoy providing this service because so many people are searching for answers and for relief from their headaches. It's very fulfilling for me to help someone who's been in pain for years, to become pain free and actually enjoy their life."

- Orlando TMJ Dentist Zachary Hodgin

TMJ treatment by Dr. Hodgins will bring back the smile to your face by relieving your pain and discomfort. Many people who have been suffering chronic pain for years may be surprised to learn that the cause of their aches and pains could be TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint Disorder). Our Winter Park and Orlando TMJ sufferers have found that by receiving the correct diagnosis and treatment they have been able to, once again, enjoy a pain free life!

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms the cause of your pain or discomfort could be TMJ related:

  • broken, chipped or "worn" teeth
  • sore muscles in head or neck
  • chronic headaches
  • ringing in ears
  • numbness in fingertips.

The first step in the treatment of TMJ involves both an intra-oral and extra-oral examination. If it is the jaw joint itself that is causing the problems, neuromuscular dentist Dr. Hodgins may use the Myotronic K7 system that objectively evaluates the muscles and the jaw joint to diagnose the actual nature of the problem.

Our dentist's expert diagnosis is based on a neuromuscular approach; focusing more on the muscles and nerves which support the jaw and its joints because the main cause of TMJ disorder is usually muscular in nature. Using our advanced computerized systems Dr. Hodgins can show you what is actually happening in the muscles and joints that is causing you discomfort. We have a three part system for tracking this:

  • Jaw Tracking - To see the movement of the jaw on the screen to determine if there are any abnormal movements that the patient is compensating for,
  • Electromyography - Measures the electrical activity of the muscles in the face which can signify discomfort in a certain muscle group, thereby isolating problem areas
  • Sonography - Another tool that measures the audible clicking and grinding of the jaw.

These diagnostic procedures and tests are painless and help our team to determine what treatments are necessary to bring you relief, both short and long-term.

For immediate relief we use the TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation)machine. Using small continuous pulses of current, it causes the muscles to relax and can bring immediate relief from pain; usually within a 24 hour period. Throughout the course of treatment there will be continued improvement, with maximum relief being achieved within a few weeks. Grateful patients who have suffered the pain of chronic headaches for as much as 20 years were able to finally enjoy their lives again pain-free with the help of this treatment.

As long-term help, cosmetic dentist Dr. Hodgins can develop a customized orthotic device to help relieve the muscles pains, jaw aches, or head aches and to help with bringing the jaw and teeth back into comfortable proper alignment.

Nothing gives a caring and compassionate dentist like Dr. Hodgins greater satisfaction than being able to help his patients to improve the quality of their lives by helping them find long-sought for solutions to their suffering. If you think you might be experiencing the effects of TMJ, Orlando and Winter Park dentist Zach Hodgins would love to help you find the right solutions for you!

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