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Here are some of the patients of Dr. Hodgins, and their stories. You can also view our Flash Smile Gallery to see the amazing Before and After photos, and our Video Testimonials. Contact us with your dental goals to learn how to enhance your own smile through cosmetic dentistry for Orlando and Winter Park and feel the life-changing effects for yourself.

Angie Yate

Orlando Cosmetic Dentistry Angie YateWow! Words can’t describe the gorgeous new smile Dr. Hodgins made for me. Everywhere I go, I constantly have people commenting on my smile and how beautiful it is. I really enjoyed my visits to Dr Hodgins office. Dr. Hodgins and his staff were so courteous and professional. I felt like more than just another patient because of the extra time Dr. Hodgins took to make sure everything was just right.

Pam Dixon

Pam Dixon

Well, I am so sorry it has taken me so long to write to you. It certainly isn’t because I have forgotten all that you have done for me. I wish you knew how much happier I am. I am not afraid to talk to people, apply for a job or SMILE. I couldn’t do any of those things a year ago. I remember when my friend heard about the Dentist Studio on the radio. She gave me all the info. It took me a few days to contact you but I did. I emailed you and you were so nice in reassuring me it would be ok and that I should just come in for a consultation. After emailing back and forth a few times. I made the appointment. My past experiences with the last dentist was so bad I swore I would never go to another dentist again. He made me feel worse than I already did. I didn’t think that was possible. You were so nice to me when I came in for the first time but the hard part was yet to come. It was then time to open and show you what has made me feel so self conscious for such a long time. I was waiting for some kind of reaction from you but you did nothing but reassure me that you were going to help and that everything would be ok. I was starting to feel better.

It was then time for the next step X-rays. I then met Cindy. I warned her that she was about to see the worst mouth she had ever seen. She was great, she took the films and kept telling me that you guys were going to help me. I felt very comfortable around her as well. I knew then I had done the right thing. I went home that day a lot happier knowing that you were going to help me smile again. We got started right away and in less than a year I was smiling again. The people who knew me could see my self esteem getting better and better with every visit . I could too. You were right about how much that can affect a person not their only self esteem but health wise as well. I think now that I have gone through with it even my headaches have dulled. I was afraid it was going to be so painful but I think my heart hurt more feeling the way I did about myself than any of the procedures we had done at the office. ( Even the one that was 3.5 hours) This was an experience I will never forget. In a good way.

I have now moved to Sarasota and I am still smiling and I am working with people again instead of hiding in the back avoiding them. I talk more to people than I did before and I am always smiling with my head held high. It was hard to break the habits of having to hide that horrific mouth but I think I have done it. The old Pam is back!!!!!!!!!!!! I WANT TO THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU HAVE DONE FOR ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I also would like to let you know that even though I have moved I will still be coming to your office if I can make that possible. It took me so long to find a dentist I could trust and it is totally worth the drive to me.

Terry McCowen

Terry McCowenHello my name is Terry McCowen. I have been a patient of Dr. Hodgins for about a year now. He has changed my life. I cannot express enough what a joy it is to be able to smile again. For example, I can actually smile in family photos! That was something I was really looking forward to.

I had always been an upbeat kind of person. I smiled A LOT! I liked to smile, but when my teeth got to be so bad, I couldn’t smile anymore. I was very embarrassed!

But because of the kindness and generosity of Dr. Hodgins, I have my smile back and more. My brother came down recently and said that he did not even recognize me at first. I am so happy and have a renewed sense of self more now. How do you thank someone who can change your whole life, who is wholly responsible for making everyday sunny!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart and soul. I am smiling all the time now and loving it! I LOVE THE NEW ME!

Thanks kindly, Terry McCowen

Celeste Mercer

Celeste MercerDear Dr. Hodgins and Dentists Studio Staff,

Last year I came into your office burdened with feelings of frustration and hopelessness because my smile was far from what I thought it should be. My personality is very bubbly and I love to smile a lot, but smiling became more difficult for me being that every time I smiled I would think to myself,  Oh, I hope they are not looking at the gap in my teeth.or  I hope that they don’t see that my tooth is chipped.When it came to the point that my favorite feature about myself became the least, I knew I had to do something. Being the bubbly person that I am I know that I could never stop smiling so the only option was for me to improve my smile.

When I came into your office unsure of what to expect, you personally greeted me by name, which made me feel more at ease for my complementary consultation. Upon the completion of my consultation you advised me that I would be an excellent candidate for Invisalign, and shared with me all of the benefits of Invisalign vs. metal braces. A few of my favorite benefits were no cuts, healthier teeth and gums, and I could still eat whatever I wanted without the restrictions of metal braces.

Your staff was extremely warm and helpful throughout my entire process. They assisted me with making the arrangements for financing as well as scheduling me for my fitting and advised me of the arrival of my new trays at times that fit my busy work schedule. As the weeks went by I saw my less that perfect smile transform into the most beautiful smile I have ever seen! Invisalign is amazing; no one could even tell that I was wearing them. I could actually notice my smile getting straighter and brighter!

The entire system was easy to use and I noticed immediate results. When I think back to how I looked before I used Invisiline I am overwhelmed with joy, confidence, and sincere gratitude to you and your caring staff. There is not a day that goes by that I am not complemented on my bright and beautiful smile and I have you, your wonderful staff and Invisalign to thank for that. From the bottom of my heart thank you Dr. Hodgins.


Celeste D. Mercer

Vicki Mock

Vicki MockA smile is one of our best assets. I didn’t realize how much people notice a smile until I had a “smile makeover”. I had several fillings in my front teeth and had to have them replaced every few years. Each time I had this procedure done, the fillings would get just a little larger. Now I don’t have to worry about that anymore.

I did quite a bit of research before calling Dr. Hodgins office and I’m glad I did. He is one of the most educated dentists in our area and keeps up-to-date with the latest techniques. Going to The Dentist Studio is like being with a family. Everyone associated with this office is friendly, courteous and can intelligently answer any questions you might have about any of the procedures, insurance or billing. Trust me, this is a very important issue as far as I am concerned.

It took me a while to make the decision to have a “smile makeover” but I am truly happy with the results.

Bonnie Pray

Bonnie PrayDear Dr Hodgins and staff,
I felt compelled to write and thank you for all that you’ve done for me. You have helped me realize a dream. My teeth were never pretty. They came in crooked when I was young, and I had a lot of problems with tooth decay. I was painfully shy as a teen and actually got made fun of and laughed at because of my teeth. My entire 18th and 19th year I had one of my front teeth missing. I learned not to smile, or to cover my mouth if I did. And alot of people thought I was just an unfriendly person.

There was one incident in particular that made me realize how my smile or even not smiling affected other people. I was expecting a package from my parents that was long overdue. Finally the UPS truck came up the driveway and I ran to the door hopeful. When I opened the door the deliveryman was smiling and handed me the pen to sign for it. Then I saw that it was the package from my parents and I couldn’t help it, I smiled and said thank you. His smile went away and I noticed he was looking at my teeth with my brown crooked smile and the big empty space where a tooth was supposed to be. He turned around and left. And I stood there feeling so horribly unattractive.

As I got older I was able to get bits and pieces of work done to help with my smile, but while it was better, it still wasn’t attractive. I learned to live with it and did gain some confidence in myself. I think meeting my fiancé was when I realized how beautiful a pretty white smile could be. And again how a smile could affect other people. But the pictures we would take together made me unhappy. When I realized the dramatic difference in our smiles I felt my confidence melting away and I started not smiling or covering my mouth again. Though I knew he loved me, I wanted my smile to give him the same feeling that his smile gave me. After watching ABC’s Extreme Makeover, I knew what I wanted to do. I started looking for a dentist that could do what I wanted to have done.
My fiancé actually came home one day with your web address and I was impressed with what I saw, and read. So I made an appointment. I have to tell you, I was impressed from the moment I walked in the door. Your staff is so friendly and knowledgeable and genuinely concerned that my butterflies almost went away! And it meant SO much to me that all of the follow up phone calls were made by you personally, Dr. Hodgins. I didn’t feel like just another patient. I felt like I was very important to you and that you were going to make sure I walked out of your office beautiful.

Through the temporary stage of my smile I was very happy with what I thought my teeth were going to look like, and found myself smiling and remembering I could take my hand away from my mouth. It felt pretty good. I was happy. I kept looking at my temporary smile in my car visor and when I’d pass a mirror. I really liked how it looked. Then came the day when I got my permanent smile. I knew, because you and your staff told me, that it was going to look better than the temporary smile. But I honestly wasn’t prepared for what I saw when you handed me the mirror! I don’t know how to put into words what it felt like to know that THAT was MY smile! And it was GORGEOUS! It really was one of the happiest moments of my life!

I look for opportunities now where I can smile! My mother even stopped me one day after I passed her in the hallway smiling, and told me how pretty I was. That’s never happened before! Now when my fiancé and I take pictures I can smile and feel proud of how I look. I have a new level of confidence in myself, that I’ve never had before. You and your staff are amazing. And I’m so thankful for everything you’ve done. The extra special way I was treated was unlike any other experience I’ve ever had. Thank you Dr. Hodgins! And please thank your wife and Jessica for me. They are both wonderful!

Sincerely, your number one fan,

Bonnie L. Pray

David McCoy

David McCoy

Sharon Phelps

Sharon Phelps Sharon Phelps 2