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Winter Park Sedation Dentistry

When researching sedation dentistry in Winter Park, ask the following:

Q: Are you certified to provide sedation dentistry?

Dr. Hodgins is a certified sedation dentist.

Q: What types of sedation do you perform?

Dr. Hodgins is certified in IV Sedation at the Montefiore Hospital, New York, NY. IV sedation is his choice, and the safer sedation alternative.

Q: Where does the sedation take place?

Dr. Hodgins performs sedation dentistry in his Winter Park dental office.

Q: How will sedation dentistry keep me safe?

Dr. Hodgins and his assistant use the latest monitoring equipment, to watch your blood pressure, blood oxygen level and heart rate. If ever there is a problem during sedation, which is extremely rare, Dr. Hodgins has the training and equipment to reverse the sedation.

Q: Will I remember my Winter Park sedation dentistry visit?

You will very likely forget all or most of your visit. Your smile will reflect the quality care performed on your visit, without unpleasant memories of your treatment.

"One of the best aspects in dentistry is my relationship with each of the guests who comes to us for Orlando dental care. It’s truly rewarding to help them achieve a healthy, beautiful smile and raise their self-esteem.

As a certified Sedation Dentist, I really enjoy helping people to accomplish the treatment they need in a relaxed and comfortable setting, without the anxiety of the past. Today people are living longer, so it’s essential that their dentistry not only looks natural but also that their teeth function as their best."
Dr. Hodgins
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