Metal Fillings FAQ

Q: Dr. Hodgins, are you among Orlando area dentists who place amalgam or silver fillings?

There are several reasons why Dr. Hodgins has chosen not to use amalgam fillings in Winter Park patients.

(1) The major component in amalgam is mercury. So really they should be called mercury fillings. Mercury is considered to be a toxic material outside the mouth. State and local government agencies require that all dentists remove the scrap amalgam from the water leaving the dental office, and dispose of it using a waste management company. Interestingly, in Europe, many countries have banned the placement of mercury fillings.

(2) Mercury filling are not the most aesthetic material that we can restore teeth with today; and Dr. Hodgins enjoys restoring teeth back to their natural appearance.

(3) Mercury fillings expand as they age; and since they are wedged into the teeth, many times they will end up cracking or breaking teeth.

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