Orlando Dentists Recommend
Regular Check Ups for a Reason

Orlando Dentists Check-Ups

Why do dentists in Orlando recommend that you see them for regular check-ups and cleanings? After all, you brush daily with an ADA-approved fluoride toothpaste, floss regularly, and use a good quality mouthwash. You are careful about what you eat and drink, and your smile looks great. Are the dentists of Orlando and the surrounding communities really interested in the health of your teeth?

Dr. Hodgins of the Dentist’s Studio in Winter Park certainly is. He and his team want to remind you that there really is more to dental care than daily brushing and flossing—as crucial as those are. No matter how responsible we try to be about our oral health, there are genetic and environmental factors that we cannot control. Among the important services provided by your dentist are the following:

  • Diagnosing/treating gum disease. The leading cause of tooth loss in adults, this can usually be prevented by regular brushing and flossing. Genetics and lifestyle choices also play a role, though. Early detection and treatment by a dentist can eliminate the need for more expensive procedures later.
  • Diagnosing oral cancer. Every hour in the United States, someone dies from oral cancer. Regular check-ups can enable your dentist to identify the warning signs of oral cancer, and early detection is crucial to successful treatment.
  • Professional cleaning. Even the most careful home brushing and flossing cannot be as thorough as a professional cleaning. Your dentist can also treat stains (like those caused by coffee, tea, and tobacco) and whiten teeth more effectively than any home treatment available—in spite of what advertisers would lead you to believe.

Our everyday activities can be hard on our teeth—despite our best efforts to care for them. When looking for dentists near Orlando, check out Dr. Hodgins at Dentists Studio.

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