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Orlando Tooth Whitening

For professional tooth whitening, Orlando residents have many options available. Florida is filled with beautiful smiles—alongside its beautiful general population, the Sunshine State is the home of many celebrities and hosts dozens of beauty pageants. We know the impact a gleaming, white smile can have. But TV and magazine advertisements bombard consumers with whitening products available from your local markets and drugstores, from toothpaste to mouthwash to whitening strips and gels. Why would you visit a dentist for tooth whitening?

The simple answer is that professional, dentist-applied whitening is both more effective and longer-lasting than any retail product available. Dr. Hodgins of Dentist Studio in Winter Park uses the most effective system on the market, the Zoom! tooth whitening system by Discus Dental. It utilizes the bleaching power of a unique hydrogen peroxide-based formula activated by a patented Zoom! lamp, which, together, release powerful oxygenating agents into the enamel and dentin of teeth, whitening them without doing any damage to the underlying structure. Dr. Hodgins can also treat each tooth individually—even if one is particularly stained--so that all of your teeth match.

Whitening is the often considered the safest, most effective, simplest, quickest cosmetic procedure available to patients. In less than an hour, Dr. Hodgins and his team can restore the brilliance to your smile, increasing whiteness by up to 12 shades. But whether you are interested in whitening or in another cosmetic procedure—including porcelain veneers, crowns, bonding, or a complete smile makeover, Dr. Hodgins has been providing the highest quality dental work and tooth whitening to Orlando residents for many years. If you are looking for tooth whitening near Orlando, stop by Dentist Studio today, and learn what Zoom! can do for you.

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