Sedation Dentistry Eases Tooth Extractions

In the dental field, we are dedicated to preserving your teeth! Dr. Zachary Hodgins of The Dentist’s Studio, as well as the rest of our skilled staff, know that from time to time, tooth extractions are necessary. Whether it is because of lack of arch space for wisdom teeth, or a tooth that is non-restorable due to decay, fracture, or gum disease, tooth extraction might be your best option.

Tooth extractions for Orlando area patients can be easier and more comfortable than you might expect thanks to sedation dentistry. At The Dentist’s Studio, we offer customized options in conscious sedation, including IV sedation for services such as tooth extractions. Orlando and Winter Park patients of our office who may understandably experience anxiety at the prospect of oral surgery can benefit from the relaxing effects of IV Sedation!

Sedation dentistry for tooth extractions in Orlando is safe and effective. Many patients have no memory of their procedure whatsoever. If you or a family member requires oral surgery, we invite you to consider sedation for a more relaxing dental experience.

Contact The Dentist’s Studio today to learn more about your options in sedation for tooth extractions near Orlando, Lake Mary, and Winter Park, FL.